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Gimnás ca nostra


Gimnás ca nostra


Fitness Room

The fitness area has 400 m2 delimited in different areas; On the one hand, the reception, where the waiting or rest room is located right in front, with Wi-Fi internet, coffee dispenser, isotonic and healthy drinks, protein snacks ... etc, and another part access to the training area, with a space of 250 m2, equipped with training machines cardio (treadmills, ellipticals and bikes), weight training machines and an area for training free weight.

It should be noted that the entire fitness area is surrounded by large windows that provide natural light, although of course it also has a careful and copious artificial lighting, in addition to a very good ventilation and air conditioning, since it has a powerful system of renovation of air, large ceiling fans and air conditioning, which allows us to choose each one of these systems, depending on the climate, according to each season of the year.

Outdoor Zone

The outdoor area is prepared with 60 m2 of artificial grass to carry out training sessions functional, with all kinds of material for it, which together with other areas with calisthenics cage, ramps, stairs ... etc, allow us to enjoy this type of training in the open air, so beneficial too.

Also given the location of the gym, where we are a few meters from the cami de cavalls, you can combine your functional training with good running, trail, hiking or sport routes outdoors that you like the most.

Multifunctional room

It is a room of 200m2 enabled to do all kinds of collective classes of medium and high intensity.

It has ventilation and natural light, direct access to the outside and with a parquet floor anti-slip. In addition, if the weather requires it, it has a powerful air conditioning system.

In this room you can find both classes: crosstraining, functional, step, zumba, trx...

Pilates Room

It is a 150m2 room at two heights.

It has a powerful ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as ceiling fans for be able to acclimatize the room to the perfect point.

Room equipped with tatami floor, where all kinds of martial arts will be practiced, apart from Classes passed slower and lower intensity.


The Spinning room consists of 60 m, through which a total of 18 bikes are distributed ( Spinner), with cadence sensor. It works with a sophisticated audiovisual equipment and projector from which graphs are displayed in real time. The effect of the led lights contribute to create a very pleasant atmosphere, but not stressful, which is what we seek to convey.

There are 2 types of sessions:

Sessions are taught by a "virtual" instructor, lasting 50 minutes approximately, including stretching at the end of the session. Classes start automatically without requiring any user action.

Sessions are taught by a certified instructor in this discipline and classes will have also a duration of 50 minutes approximately.

In both cases, you must consult the calendar of the hours to sign up for any of the 2 modalities. Like the rest of the rooms, this one also has an efficient, modern, powerful and energetic air conditioning, air conditioning and air renewal system, which it also has, which allows us to adapt the ideal temperature of the environment.


Recepció / Zona Wifi En la misma zona de recepción ponemos a disposición de los usuarios del gimnasio y para los acompañantes de los mismos una zona habilitada con varias mesas, sillas, un par de sofás, televisión, revistas , expendedor de café, bebidas isotónicas entre otras, snacks...,  con el fin de hacer más amena la espera de aquellos padres que esperan a sus hijos mientras éstos realizan sus actividades deportivas y con la ventaja añadida de poder aprovechar esa hora para conectarse desde una tablet , Ipad o móvil,  de forma gratuita a nuestra conexión wifi, ya sea para trabajar o a modo de distracción. También es una zona agradable para todos aquellos que antes o después de entrenar quieran tomar un café, refrescarse con alguna bebida , conectarse a internet , leer o simplemente relajarse.