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Gimnás ca nostra


Gimnás ca nostra



The Step is a physical activity that is a variant of aerobics that consists of carrying out a sequence of exercises on a step, called a step. It is mainly associated with cardiovascular and muscular benefits, although thanks to the ups and downs that are performed on the step, it is also attributed the improvement of aerobic resistance, physical strength and body flexibility. In addition to other effects, such as improvement in coordination, stimulation of memory and concentration.


Spinning is an aerobic and cardiovascular exercise that is performed on a stationary bike and in which you work with the rhythm of music. Its main purpose is to lose weight and tone the muscles, in addition to improving strength and endurance. It is an exercise suitable for all ages and can even be done, albeit in a moderate way, during pregnancy.

Cross Training

Cross Training is a type of training in which various exercises of different disciplines (weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics, among others) are performed in the long term with the aim of increasing general physical condition. During its execution, an attempt is made to increase the functionality of the muscles to repeat the movements in daily life.


Pilates is a method of physical movement and exercise designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With the systematic practice of specific exercises along with breathing patterns, Pilates has proven to be invaluable not only for people who want to maintain their physical condition, but also as an important complement to sports and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.


Zumba is a sports discipline that is taught in directed classes in which aerobic exercises are performed to the rhythm of Latin music (merengue, samba, reggaetón, cumbia and salsa) in order to lose weight in a fun way and improve mood of athletes.


Toning helps to preserve and improve physical condition, achieving optimum physical condition through exercises for toning, maintenance, balance, coordination ... The objectives of this maintenance gymnastics are to improve overall physical condition, basic physical qualities, agility, coordination , joint mobility, muscular strength and endurance, reduce stress and have fun and socialize.


Running is a sports practice that aims to cover a certain distance in a specific time. Therefore, speed and endurance are important for these athletes. The objective of every runner is not only to play sports and be in good shape but, above all, they seek to reach marks and achieve challenges. For this reason, runners take part in sports competitions such as races or marathons.

Functional Training

Functional Training is an intense physical training program that combines aerobic activity and muscular work by lifting weights to the rhythm of music. They are directed, fun and motivating sessions, in which the cardiovascular system and the vast majority of the body's muscles are strengthened. The simplicity of the exercises, the high intensity and the little rest time between the muscle groups make it easy to achieve obvious results quickly.


Taekwondo is a martial art of Korean origin that has been taught in Asian civilization for centuries. Over time it was transformed into a modern sport, in a form or method of blocking blows, kicking and striking without weapons. Today's Taekwondo has been developed not only as one of the most effective methods of unarmed self-defense, but as an art, an exciting sport, and an excellent exercise for staying in good physical condition.


Mobility & Core es una actividad colectiva en la cual se combinan ejercicios de movilidad, flexibilidad, elasticidad, coordinación y equilibrio con ejercicios abdominales.

La flexibilidad es una de las cualidades físicas que se suele dejar en segundo plano y es fundamental trabajarla  para mantener un buen nivel de condición física.

Además en estas clases añadimos ejercicios de CORE.

Esta es una palabra inglesa que significa núcleo. Deportivamente hablando la palabra “core” se refiere a los músculos centrales de nuestro cuerpo: abdominales, glúteos, lumbares

Tener la zona central de nuestro cuerpo fuertecorrige la postura, proporciona equilibrio, estabilidad y ayuda a mejorar la forma y la eficiencia al correr.


El Taebox se basa en un trabajo cardiovascular, de coordinación, equilibrio y resistencia muscular, inspirado en el entrenamiento funcional y en técnicas de artes marciales (boxeo, taekwondo,…)

Siempre sin contacto físico.


El Fit Combat es una técnica de entrenamiento que combina las artes marciales a través de una coreografía.

Esta clase es altamente beneficiosa, no solo por los resultados que produce en el cuerpo, sino por las ventas psicológicas que trae consigo.

  • Proporciona mayor flexibilidad.
  • Fortalece los grupos musculares.
  • Estimula a la concentración y memoria.
  • Aumenta la capacidad de coordinación.
  • Emplea ambas partes del cerebro, por lo que podrás sacar a flote tu área creativa y coordinada.
  • Es una clase 100% activa, donde no hay tiempo para el cansancio.